(Left: Apple Bonnet. Right: Buffalo)

Apple Bonnet

I was expecting the apple to sneak in as some sort of aftertaste, but upon the first trial, I was very surprised to find that it was immediate in its presence, even with smell. It was like an apple sauce that revealed itself to be a Scoville boobytrap. Waves of heat with this one, considerably shy of the Carolina Reaper sauce from the last guide, but beyond most I’ve had by quite a bit. I’ve seen apple used in hot sauces before and it did strike me as odd, but it is was a fun concept and I enjoyed it.

(Above) The Line Up

First of all, a big thanks to Cool Chile Company for providing the product for this review! Their company provides the key components to Mexican food and cooking.

Lockdown is boring. Do you know what isn't boring? Searing your taste buds half off. Volume one was an accumulation of a wealth of experiences in the hot sauces arena. While you lot were getting lazy bodyspray sets, I was getting a dozen or so hot sauces.

Hot sauces are a perfect halfway point between seasoning and ketchup. It cannot completely mask the meal but is supposed to be the kingpin of every mouthful. Anyway, onwards and upwards…

Woah that’s a massive picture, sorry about that. The debut hot sauce had to wait a little while as I exhausted every existing morsel of the house communal stuff. Old-fashioned stickers like this make you think you're trying a recipe from hundreds of years ago, brewed in a cauldron for families of a few dozen and aged until the present day. Unfortunately, the result was quite generic. I like generic hot pepper sauces don't get me wrong, but the only distinction was apple vinegar. This didn't give it the kick they probably imagined it might. …

With so many Micheals, this version really captures the drama.

Image credit: Universal Pictures

There are currently 11 ‘Halloween’ films, partly perhaps because the original film creator John Carpenter from 1978 doesn’t own the rights to the character of Michael Myers, so any portrayal and angle are up for interpretation. Hence why no one can decide whether the serial killer is meant to be immortal or just hard to kill.

This depiction of his character displayed him as a human for part of the film but completely hides his face until the point that he takes his mask. …

LFC fan match analysis

Aston Villa

Ollie Watkins really couldn’t have asked for a bigger confidence boost, a first-half hattrick against the champions will be screenshotted and posted on his bedroom wall for life. Grealish looked absolutely dynamite all game and Barkley took up some nice positions. The rest was just momentum.

Early signs looked good for Jota and Robertson, but not learning from what started to look like a precarious high line from the start, just pushed the huge claret boulder down the hill. Trent Alexander-Arnold didn't have the pace to pressure the attackers and Joe Gomez failed to cover. …

In COVID 2020, this dystopian film feels far more realistic than its contemporaries.

Credit: Stike Entertainment

Children of Men takes place in a depressing and miserable world where women have suddenly all become infertile and there are no more babies left.

My initial thoughts were how impressive the idea was, a simple premise where the complications in such a world perhaps took more thought. The apocalyptic world from such a basic principle was designed thoroughly and the problems that may arise were outlined. The effect of a gloomy world was fantastically done.

I would say that the film wasn’t the most action-packed example of its genre but that helped keep a focus on the actual stakes…

Setting his phone down, Arthur clicked off the light and collapsed onto his back. He was feeling heavy, and very much ready to sleep. Perhaps it was a little hot, but he was sure he would be out in moments. A light breeze was rolling in, but brushing only the duvet, he felt like popping the other window open, but he was far too comfortable.

Could he reach from here? Maybe, but he couldn’t widen the window from his position. His hand dropped and he turned his face back into the pillow. Not long now. Stop trying to adjust the…


How has your generation reacted to the pandemic? From Boomers down.

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

Boomers 1946–1964

We start from Boomers simply because the Silent Generation just stay out of it all, and I respect that. Now, Boomers get a bad rap because in their numbers there has been an uprising in the recently retired getting a second wind of energy in the light of coronavirus. Slightly misplaced perhaps, but the archetypal Boomer has been seen either signing petitions demanding the pubs reopen or throwing sticks into the spokes of bicycles closer than 2 metres apart. There isn’t any in between because Boomer groups are like oil and water, they don’t mix.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus is the least…

LFC fan match analysis


Midway through the second half looked a bit shaky for Liverpool, with the midfield losing the energy in the midfield and the strain shifting to the defenders who had a high line. Perhaps not advisable against the likes of Willian, Aubameyang and then later Pepe. Control was regained a bit more once James Milner relieved Naby Keita of his duties, and the change in the attack was a pain for Arsenal to adapt to, despite the player giving way being Sadio Mane. Liverpool’s attack took more risks today, and Joe Gomez looked like he had regained some of his ‘pre-project…

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